Protect Your Banking Information: Pay Using TrustFunds

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When it comes to making an earnest money payment on a home, security is a top priority. Traditionally, paper checks were used to make earnest money payments, but as the real estate sales process has become more digital, a new way to make payments has arrived. TrustFunds eliminates the paper earnest money check and provides an earnest money payment that … Read More

5 Things Real Estate Agents Need to Know About ACH

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TrustFunds delivers banking industry payment technology and applies it to the earnest money payment process in real estate transactions. Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a payment network that allows electronic submission of payments by directly withdrawing a designated amount of money from a savings or checking account and depositing it into another banking account.  *Annually in the United States, over … Read More

The Final Step of a Fully Electronic Real Estate Transaction

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Convenience Can you imagine a real estate transaction without the use of technology? It’s difficult to remember how things were done before using tools like email, electronic forms, electronic signatures, web-based transaction management systems and online MLS listings. Almost every part of the real estate process is digitized. The listing agreement is often typed, distributed and sent for electronic signature … Read More

Online Earnest Money is the Next New Norm in Real Estate

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Technology is becoming more simple and more widespread. The generation of children who grew up learning technology from a young age are becoming adults and are accustomed to an electronic way to handle everything, even making payments. Sixty-nine percent of customers ages 18-35 won’t even shop at a business that doesn’t accept electronic payments. Their parents, coworkers, and friends (even … Read More

Paper Checks Are a Thing of the Past

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Paper Check

Ask a millennial if they have a checkbook and most would say no. Truth is, this answer is becoming increasingly popular with consumers of all ages. A study by The Federal Reserve found that between the years 2000 and 2012, the number of payments made by check in the United States decreased by more than 50%. There are various factors … Read More

How Does Electronic Earnest Money Really Work?

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If you’ve already made electronic earnest money payments a part of your real estate transaction process, you know the magic of TrustFunds.  Learn more about how it really works. TrustFunds is the tool a buyer uses to electronically submit their earnest money payment, but where does the payment go after that? The answer to this question: TrustFunds does not hold the … Read More

Electronic Earnest Money Safest & Most Efficient

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You’ve heard that the new standard in real estate transactions, electronic earnest money, is safer and more efficient, but do you really understand why? Unlike the old method of submitting earnest money by a paper check, TrustFunds electronic earnest money has multiple steps of verification in place to protect the buyer’s personal banking information including a step that adds a … Read More