TrustFunds Expands Business Development Team to Provide Comprehensive Services Across the MLS Vertical Market

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Minneapolis, MN, January 3, 2024 – TrustFunds, the premier provider of electronic earnest money transaction solutions, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its Business Development team. This strategic move is designed to comprehensively serve the full Multiple Listing Services (MLS) vertical market, offering seamless MLS integration, smooth company registration, and market-wide agent adoption. The decision to reinforce the Business … Read More

Protecting Yourself is FREE: Don’t be a Victim of Identity Theft

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Lynn Leegard, Owner and President of TrustFunds, is extremely passionate about avoiding identity theft. She said, “I personally experienced someone’s attempt to steal my identity and open an account in my name.  Fortunately, I had taken steps to protect myself and the bad actors were not successful.  As a result, I care deeply about educating EVERYBODY beyond the TrustFunds transaction”. … Read More

Quad City Area REALTORS® Partners with TrustFunds to Offer Electronic Earnest Money

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Minneapolis, MN – Quad City Area REALTORS (QCAR), a distinguished member of RMLS Alliance, is thrilled to announce its partnership with TrustFunds, bringing a highly anticipated electronic earnest money solution to their valued members. The integration of TrustFunds with the MLS system represents an exciting development for QCAR agents who work within the platform daily. “We are delighted to offer … Read More

Convincing Buyers: Online ACH Earnest Money Payments is the Safest Option

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When it comes to making an earnest money payment on a home, security is a top priority for everyone involved. Traditionally, paper checks were used to make earnest money payments, but the real estate sales process has become more digital, and more secure with the use of ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments. According to the 2022 Association for Financial Professionals … Read More

Part of a Team? TrustFunds can help!

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Did you know TrustFunds offers a Teams feature, ensuring your customers are taken care of, even when you’re unavailable? With TrustFunds Teams feature, teammates can act on your behalf, share transaction information, track progress, and manage payments all in one place. Now’s the time to ensure your TrustFunds account profile is set-up to run your business in a way that … Read More

Benefits of Managing your Account Profile

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Are you set for success? Review your TrustFunds Account Profile

Did you know TrustFunds allows you to manage your account profile in a way that works best for you? Accessing your Agent Account Your TrustFunds Agent Account provides you with many valuable resources including Profile settings, Helpful Videos, and Guides. To access your account and manage your profile settings: To see everything you can do in your TrustFunds Profile including … Read More

TrustFunds Surpasses $2 Billion in Electronic Earnest Money Transactions

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TrustFunds, the industry leader in electronic earnest money has successfully closed more than $2 Billion in digital payments. This momentous achievement marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth strategy and is a testament to its unwavering real estate industry commitment. Earnest money is a vital component of any real estate transaction. TrustFunds is an innovative platform that offers a … Read More

Combatting Wire Fraud in Real Estate

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Consumers are demanding a more seamless and digital home-buying process and the industry is ripe for cybersecurity-related losses. Due to large sums of money being transferred electronically in our industry, wire fraud is an ongoing issue. According to a 2022 ALTA (American Land Title Association) survey, only 17% of wire fraud victims recovered all their funds. Real estate transactions frequently … Read More

5 Reasons TrustFunds ACH Payments are Better than Paper Checks

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TrustFunds delivers banking industry payment technology and applies it to the earnest money payment process in real estate transactions. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a payment network that allows electronic submission of payments by directly withdrawing a designated amount of money from a savings or checking account and depositing it into another banking account. According to the National Automated … Read More