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Our greatest focus at TrustFunds is the security of your client’s data. We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure data is handled securely from start to finish.
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Increase Security

Security and Protection

Encryption at rest and in transit, ensuring all data is kept private

99.99% up-time

Enterprise-grade data center is certified SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPPA, and PCI

Independently assessed for security and vulnerability prevention

Paper check vs TrustFunds

Do you ever wonder about the liability of a paper check that has the buyer’s routing and account numbers on it? Or, your agents setting the check on the front seat of their car? Or, making copies of the check (account numbers) for record-keeping?

The TrustFunds system offers layers of digital security far more advanced than the paper check. Our electronic earnest money process ensures complete security for all parties through SSL, security audits, secret-word technology, and data encryption.

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Why TrustFunds ACH process is more secure (and convenient) than a Wire Transfer

Shared information – There is no need for trust account holders to share their bank account information with buyers. In a wire transfer, trust account holders have to provide their account information in order for the buyer to route it to their account. This also eliminates the risk of a buyer sending funds to a bogus account by mistake.

Documentation – TrustFunds offers detailed documentation of payments on the Payment History Report. Wire transfers offer no documentation as proof of payment for the lender.

MLS Integrated – Agents access TrustFunds directly from the MLS, and all listing data is pulled from MLS data. This ensures that all property information is up-to-date, and funds direct to the proper trust account.

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"The tracking component…is probably the most valuable. Not having to worry about where the check went…or having to track it whatsoever… it’s all right in your pipeline on the website."

Chad Dixon, Realtor – RE/MAX Results

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"[I like] the security of knowing it’s just done. You don’t have people’s check numbers floating around."

Janelle Murlowski, Realtor – Downtown Resource Group (DRG)

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"Earnest money is tracked and recorded the entire time, we know exactly when the client has made that payment, and we know it has been received on the other end."

Adam Duckwall, Broker – BRIX Real Estate

Still have Security Questions?

We get the importance of security – especially when it’s your client’s data. We want you to have answers to all your security questions as you partner with TrustFunds. If you still have questions, ask away!