Electronic Earnest Money

How it Works

A tool that closes the digital earnest money gap

Electronic Earnest Money in 3 Simple Steps

Save time, increase security, and view real-time tracking throughout the earnest money process.

Step 1

Agent clicks TrustFunds link on MLS listing
On the MLS listing details page, the buyer’s agent clicks the TrustFunds link to create a payment request for the buyer.

Step 2

Agent provides buyer and payment information

Agent selects the Broker, Title Company, or Law Firm, as noted in the purchase agreement, to hold the earnest money. A list of active TrustFunds members is shown for selection. The agent enters the buyer's name, email and amount of earnest money to be paid.

Step 3

Buyer makes their payment

TrustFunds automatically notifies the buyer through email and provides access to submit their payment through our secure portal. The buyer enters their bank account information to securely submit their earnest money payment.


That’s It – You’re Done!

All parties receive automated email updates as the payment processes (3-4 business days). Plus, agents, brokers, title companies, and law firms can access
full payment status information at any time in their TrustFunds account.



When a product is this simple, easy and secure there's no reason not to try it!

Electronic Earnest Money
Allows buyer to retain control of account information

No photocopies of checks floating around

No images of checks in emails or phones

Account information encrypted at rest and in transit

Earnest Money Paper Check
Bank account information shared with strangers
Bank account information retained in files long after the transaction is complete
Risk of unauthorized intercepting of account information
Account information displayed on the face of the check

The TrustFunds platform offers layers of digital security far more advanced than the paper check.
No more account numbers or routing information floating around. No more paper copies sitting on your desk or left at the copier.
TrustFunds electronic earnest money ensures added layers of security for all parties involved. Still have security questions? Visit our security page.

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