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We promise – the paper check era is over!

Electronic earnest money means you don’t have to drive across town to pick up a paper check and deliver it to the trust account holder or coordinate costly overnight shipping for out-of-town clients. Instead, you can submit earnest money payments on MLS-listed properties with a few simple clicks. Convenience and simplicity for you AND your buyer.

Beyond that, you’ll be able to track the status of the earnest money payment until it fully deposits into the designated trust account.

High Fiving Hands

Real-time tracking

See the status of the earnest money payment every step of the way. Automatic tracking when your buyer opens the email, when they submit the funds, and when it clears into the trust account. Plus, all parties are automatically notified  so you can move forward with your transaction!



“I spend more than five dollars in gas chasing and delivering the earnest money check on a typical transaction. TrustFunds saves all that time and is much more secure than a paper check.”
Sue Schorn Edina Realty


“Brokers [agents] never have to leave our MLS, they just click the TrustFunds link, enter a few earnest money details, select which registered trust account holder to send the funds to and that’s it. We truly believe this will become the standard for earnest money.”
Chris Haran, MRED, Chief Technology Officer


“TrustFunds has been a HUGE benefit to my brokerage. My agents love not having to be responsible for keeping clients’ checks and my clients love the convenience. And, as a broker, I love that we are ALWAYS in compliance with our contract. “
Christina Strait Strait Realty


“Since I have been using TrustFunds, it has been much easier to deposit the earnest money. I don’t have to run the check to the post office, or take it to the office of the other agent. I just need a few minutes on my computer!”
Artemisa Boston Azteca Realty Group


“I love TrustFunds! My clients always feel secure about the handling of their money and where it is deposited. They get a transaction receipt and both agents know that the contract performance is being fulfilled. It’s just a better way to do business for a Professional Realtor.”
De Lynn Klosterhoff Re/Max Results


“Before TrustFunds, getting the earnest money on time and tracking it was a time-consuming process. This simplifies that process so much. Agents have told me once they use it, they will never go back to the paper check process again.”
Jeremy Cudd Property Executives Realty


    TrustFunds’ mission is to provide people with more time for more life. We do that by offering a convenient and secure way to request, submit, and track earnest money payments electronically – from wherever you are.

    Starting right on the property listing in your MLS system, you can request earnest money electronically with 3 simple clicks. And, your buyer can submit earnest money in seconds, even on their phone, saving both of you time and effort.

    What will you do with your extra time?

    Increase Security

    TrustFunds vs Paper Check

    Electronic Earnest Money

    Allows buyer to retain control of account information

    No photocopies of checks floating around

    No digital images of checks stored on laptops and phones

    Account information encrypted at rest and in transit

    Earnest Money Paper Check

    Bank account information shared with strangers
    Bank account information retained in files long after the transaction is complete
    Risk of unauthorized intercepting of account information
    Account information displayed on the face of the check

    The TrustFunds platform offers layers of digital security far more advanced than the paper check. No more account numbers or routing information floating around. No more paper copies sitting on your desk or left at the copier. TrustFunds electronic earnest money ensures added layers of security for all parties involved. Still have security questions? Visit our security page.

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