Let’s Get to Know Each Other

We’re fun, authentic, respectful, and trustworthy (trust is our first name, after all)!

We exist for one reason

To give our customers more time for more life.

More time for what, you ask?! Whatever YOU want to do.

Using TrustFunds gives you more time to spend with your family, go golfing, go to the spa, or get more work done (you overachiever, you)! By closing the digital real estate gap, TrustFunds simplifies and secures the earnest money process so you have more time for more life – whatever that looks like to you.


Our History

A Real Estate Company Solving a Technology Problem

TrustFunds is, and always will be, a real estate industry company focused on closing digital gaps through technology.  It all started with our founder, Lynn, who's entire career has been in real estate. Her experience comes from roles  like Edina Realty’s General Counsel, a broker, Minnesota Association of REALTORS® President, and she currently serves on the Finance Committee of the National Association of REALTORS®.

After watching agents hold, and sometimes lose, a buyer's paper check with bank account information, realizing the inability to track the status of the payment, driving across town to pick up and deliver paper checks, Lynn knew there had to be a better way. But there wasn't. That's when Lynn set out to solve the industry's earnest money gap and created TrustFunds.

TrustFunds became the first in the industry to offer electronic earnest money, reducing the drive time and security concerns of handling paper checks. Our electronic earnest money platform is a market-wide solution integrated right within the MLS, where agents and brokers are every day. That means every agent has access to TrustFunds; there’s no need to sign-up, create credentials or leave the MLS to open another application, we are where they are. TrustFunds is available on every listing in the MLS, making requesting earnest money easy and efficient for the agent.

Plus, TrustFunds is a great communications tool. Real-time tracking and reporting of transactions is a time saver for our partners. Agents no longer need to track each other down to determine the status of an earnest money payment. We offer a robust dashboard providing a view of every transaction in real-time, at a glance. And, our reliable notification system provides status updates to all parties involved, including the buyer.

Since 2015 TrustFunds has grown from a one-market solution in the upper Midwest to a company serving MLS markets across the United States.

Core Values

What we do at TrustFunds is an ART. We know our stuff and do it well, for the benefit of our partners and our team. Our Core Values outline who we are as people, the way we work and the way we support those we work with every day.

We are always looking for ways to better serve our partners and each other. 

  • We are personable and kind. No one wants to be number
  • We solve problems and are dedicated to solutions, no matter what it takes
  • People count on us and we follow-up


We are respectful of others and their time. Time is something everyone wants more of. Our goal is to get things done, so everyone can enjoy what they love.

  • We listen to understand, not just respond
  • We recognize the urgency of issues and respond accordingly
  • We are here for our partners and each other


We are trustworthy of others and have trust in each other.

  • We do what we say we will do, period, end of story
  • We keep people informed
  • We genuinely care about the support we provide


Better Together

Now that we know each other a little better, let’s change the real estate industry together.
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