Part of a Team? TrustFunds can help!

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Did you know TrustFunds offers a Teams feature, ensuring your customers are taken care of, even when you’re unavailable? With TrustFunds Teams feature, teammates can act on your behalf, share transaction information, track progress, and manage payments all in one place. Now’s the time to ensure your TrustFunds account profile is set-up to run your business in a way that … Read More

Benefits of Managing your Account Profile

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Are you set for success? Review your TrustFunds Account Profile

Did you know TrustFunds allows you to manage your account profile in a way that works best for you? Accessing your Agent Account Your TrustFunds Agent Account provides you with many valuable resources including Profile settings, Helpful Videos, and Guides. To access your account and manage your profile settings: To see everything you can do in your TrustFunds Profile including … Read More