Digital Payments Revolutionize Real Estate Transactions

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Saul Klein, real estate technology evangelist, recently validated the importance of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) ecosystem built around data and the significant advancements adopted by brokers and agents. Saul shared, “Leaders build bridges that help us move from where we are to where we want to be”.

The real estate industry has undergone significant transformation. With the advent of the Internet, online MLS systems allowed agents to access property information from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, since consumers have real-time housing information, Realtors serve as trusted advisors offering guidance and support throughout the entire real estate transaction.

Miguel Berger, VP of MLS and Industry Relations at TrustFunds, recalls the advances made in contracts alone from in-person presentations to fax documents, followed by electronic forms and electronic signatures. Berger said, “Now, more than ever, REALTORS® are real estate market consultants embracing technologies to streamline transactions”.

Paper checks are prone to errors, require physical processing, and are vulnerable to fraud. By accessing TrustFunds through the MLS, the entire earnest money payment process is completed online in a matter of minutes with real-time notifications sent to buyers, agents, and brokers.   

The TrustFunds digital payment solution is fully integrated with the MLS where earnest money is securely transferred via Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment services. The evolution from paper checks to electronic transfers has been driven by the need for secure, convenient, and faster ways to transfer funds.

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