One Billion Dollars of Electronic Earnest Money

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TrustFunds has officially transacted over one billion dollars of earnest money through their electronic earnest money solution. TrustFunds integrates directly into the MLS platform so agents don’t have to leave the MLS to request earnest money electronically. It’s secure, it’s convenient and it’s transforming the industry. 


“We partnered with TrustFunds in their infancy,” says John Mosey, President of Northstar MLS in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Now, over 65 percent of our listings use TrustFunds for electronic earnest money, and our agents and brokers can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing earnest money.”


MRED recently launched TrustFunds for their over 40,000 real estate professionals. Chris Haran, MRED’s Chief Technology Officer says, “Brokers never have to leave our MLS, they just click the TrustFunds link, enter a few earnest money details, select which registered trust account holder to send the funds to and that’s it. We truly believe this will become the standard for earnest money.”


“We’ve done over 250,000 transactions and are thrilled to hit this Billion dollar milestone,” says Lynn Leegard, Founder and President at TrustFunds. “We are honored and thrilled to be changing the industry with our market-leading MLS partners.” 


“Your members will love this secure, convenient and simple benefit, and you’ll love that there’s one secure solution throughout your whole market. See how your members can request electronic earnest money in three simple steps.”

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